The Dobbs Family

Here are a few initial pictures from our session last night with the Dobbs family. I absolutely love this first picture of the two kids hugging, flowers in hand!

This picture really cracked me up, because the kids all appear to be shocked at Mom and Dad’s public display of affection. It’s hard to see in this thumbnail, but it’s so cute! Click on it to see a larger version. Braxton looks like his jaw has dropped. =)

What a cute Mom and daughter picture!

Do we have the next Gap Kids model here?

And this little guy looks like he needs a β€œTonka” label built right into him. What a toughie! I hope Johnnie is treating him well while he’s young, because he looks like he’s going to be a bruiser!

Despite the warm weather, we had a great time and got a lot of other really great pictures. We’ll have those retouched for you soon, guys!

Thanks for stopping by!

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