Think Tank Photo

Just a quick shout out to the innovative team at Think Tank Photo! My Airport Security rolling bag has been great all season so far and it’s been a life-saver at weddings, especially. I was originally considering the Tamrac 651 Rolling Strongbox like Becker has, but the Airport Security bag by Think Tank Photo is slightly larger, has better features and a better guarantee at a better price. It has combination locks on both of the main zipper compartments/access points and it comes with a cable that you can use to lock the bag to something (i.e. a pillar, table, etc.) so it doesn’t walk away while you’re shooting. You just can’t beat that!ArprtScrtyPre2e Think Tank Photo Our Life

Here’s a picture of it, but they have several other really cool bags and other solutions as well.
ArprtScrtyPre2e-789189 Think Tank Photo Our Life Thanks for a great product, Think Tank Photo!