New Wedding Gallery

Our new initial wedding gallery is now online and we’re so excited to announce it! To see it, go to our main website, click on the menu button “weddings & more,” then turn up the speakers, sit back and enjoy!

We had wedding pictures on our old site, but since we updated a month or two ago it’s been a challenge to get all of the galleries up to full speed.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you really should check out my Mom’s art site just for the beauty and experience of it. I helped her pick out the music and we chose the cello music that you may remember from the movie “Master and Commander.” It’s so beautiful and I love the cello. Mom thinks it may be a little heavy for her site, so if you have any thoughts or suggestions on it, drop her a line and let her know! If you do like the music, be sure to let her know so I can rub in what a great music consultant I am! =)

Speaking of music consulting… Titus Heard from Shining City Productions has to be the best music consultant I’ve ever seen. I have personally seen Titus transform regular documentaries and video productions into emotion-invoking masterpieces just by putting the right music to complement it. He even did the music for my own wedding video and there were few dry eyes in the place by the time the ceremony got rolling.

Okay, now I’m really rambling, but if you’re not using Google Alerts, you’re really missing out. And it’s not just for businesses. Google Alerts allow you keep up with any subject of importance to you — like your own name, family members’ names or businesses, etc. It’s been pretty awesome for us, since we track “Prints Charming Photography” and our own names, etc. We can see when people blog about us, link to us, etc. It’s really been an easy and great way to keep on top of what’s being said on the Internet without having to spend hours researching every day or week. The Alerts are just emailed to us as they come up. Oh, and did I mention it’s free?

Oh man, I just heard Holly say something about waffles, so I’m out of here! Plus, it’s almost time to get ready for another wedding. Thanks for stopping by… I hope you’ll leave a comment!

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