Global Cooling

I’m no expert, but for the sake of being quirky and interesting I’m going to talk today about global cooling. =)

This last winter was the coldest winter in years here in Oklahoma and this Spring has followed suit. I’m still wearing a long-sleeved shirt and sipping hot coffee outside at noon today. I don’t think we’ve hit 90 yet this year or if we have, it was just barely. That is very cool, unusual and yet another indication that our climate is changing before our very eyes.

Consider also these three separate articles on the unusually cold weather in Europe, South America, and even Nepal. Really! This is not a coincidence. All three articles coming out today about the unusually cold weather.

I don’t buy the global warming propoganda for one minute. One volcanic eruption does more damage to the ozone than the entire human race can do in scores of years and their finding out now that rice fields emit more methane (greenhouse-eroding gas) than anything else on the planet. Like I said, I’m no expert, but I really do think that if things heat up even a degree or two, the evaporative cooling of the entire planet also increases and it balances itself out.

Maybe I’ll look back on this later and feel stupid for posting about it when it seems the entire world is buying the global warming effect… I just thought I’d take the opportunity to post about global cooling since there just happened to be three separate articles today about it. That’s what the global warming people do… wait for the 100-degree days to talk about the warming crisis. Watch for it… They won’t be talking about it today, I guarantee you. =)

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