Caleb & Andrea’s Engagement

Is it Wednesday already? I’ve been dreading my dentist appointment today because I’ll be getting a cavity filled. Almost as dreadful is my dentist’s tendency to discuss controversial topics and never agree with my perspective. I’m not much of an arguer anyway (my siblings may disagree with that statement), but I don’t stand a chance when it’s with the guy holding a drill to my teeth.

I’m up late posting the most recent engagement session we did: Andrea and Caleb’s engagement. What a great couple! Besides being so photogenic, they were a lot of fun to hang with for an hour downtown, getting great shots of them just having a great time together.

There were so many great pictures from this session, that I had a hard time narrowing them down to my handful of favorites. Hope you enjoy them!

Thanks for dropping by! Time to catch some Z’s before hitting the dentist’s office. By the way, what’s proper ettiquete for the dentist? I mean, is it rude to swing by Starbucks and polish off a nice big cuppa just before he says “open wide!” ? I’ve always been really considerate if not self-conscious about brushing and using mouthwash yet again just minutes before stepping into the dentist’s office. That strategy may not be paying off for me. Maybe I’m too considerate a customer, so they enjoy having me back sooner vs. later. =) Deep thoughts…

And now — to bed!

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