The Chesapeake Boathouse at Regatta Park

Ever since it was built a year or two ago, I’ve been wanting to photograph the Chesapeake Boathouse or an event there. I had the opportunity last week when one of our commercial photography clients called to have us photograph a champagne reception they were hosting there. It was a terribly cold, windy and rainy Friday night, if you recall, but it made for some dramatic pictures with the glowing, menacing storm clouds.

The walls were uniquely decorated with the long oars.

One entire wall was made of glass, so guests can see the all the boats. It really was a beautiful design and a most interesting venue.

And lastly, a couple of pictures taken from the bridge that spans the Oklahoma River.

I really like this panoramic shot with Bricktown in the background and the water in the foreground.

I really should have put on my wider-angle lens and got downtown OKC in the background, but I didn’t think of it at the time. The wind was blowing about 50 miles per hour on top of that bridge and it was pouring down rain, so I got a couple of shots and then ran back to my warm, dry car. =)

Hope you enjoyed the photos. Thanks for stopping by!

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