Gary Fong, Davy Knapp and… Me?

Today goes down in history as one of those special moments for us. We had a user today subscribe to our Xanga blog today. I should preface that by telling you that we don’t really use Xanga since we publish our own blog (using Blogger) on our website…

Subscriptions Gary Fong, Davy Knapp and... Me? Our Life Anyway, I was curious since we have never blogged on Xanga, so I checked the user’s other subscriptions and – check it out – we’re on their short list with Gary Fong and my friend Davy Knapp! Wow, what a group to be in. I’d be honored, except that it must have been a mistake since we don’t blog on Xanga.

I just had to get a screen capture of it and post about it, though. I promise to do that any time I see my name next to Gary Fong’s. =) Or Davy Knapp’s for that matter. They’re both great photographers. In fact, we hired Davy Knapp to do our own wedding photography and he did an amazing job… and that was four years ago yesterday.