Coffee Taste Matcher

I tried this the other day and thought it was pretty cool. Do you ever go into Starbucks and look at all of their brews and blends and wonder which ones you might like? I mean, I’ve tried at least 7 or 8 different coffee beans/blends/brews there and some I love and some I don’t like so much. The thing is, when I go, I’m usually wanting some good coffee, so I’m a little hesitant to try something new, despite the fact that I’d love to try more of their coffees.

Well, they now have a 7-question coffee taste-matcher quiz that nailed my favorites right off the bat. The cool thing about it, is that it gives you several “Sure thing” coffees that you’re sure to like, and then several that you could try if you’re feeling daring or adventurous. A few of us tried the quiz and all of us got different coffee recommendations based on how we answered our questions. Pretty neat!

If you’re wondering, my favorites are Verona, Italian and Yukon. Did you know that French Roast is their strongest, boldest and darkest coffee? French Roast… the coffee I always saw my parents drinking when I was a kid. I guess kids can do that to you. =)

Here are two of my favorite Starbucks memories. When I lived in Australia, this was one of the few places I could go and actually feel like I was back in the good old USA.

This Starbucks is right in downtown Melbourne (both pics are the same store), and when I was there, it was the largest Starbucks in the world with two levels for seating and four or five registers if I remember correctly. Even still, the line would be out the door and down the street oftentimes. And that’s with at least three coffee shops within just one or two blocks of this location.

In Australia, you can park bikes on the sidewalk and you can ride between the lanes at stoplights to get right up to the front. What a great place to ride! Pictured above with me is my good friend Dave Frederick, who also happens to now live in Oklahoma. What are the odds?

Sorry about the poor quality of these photos. This was from one of my first digital cameras, so it’s about 6 years old and was only a 1.8 mega pixel camera. Just thought it would be a fun memory to share. Funny to think that I was shooting on just a 16MB memory card and I thought that was big. Our memory cards now are 4GB and we’re thinking about going up to 8GB already. =)

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