Edmond Chamber of Commerce’s Newest Members!

Although we live within the city limits of Oklahoma City (it’s a huge city at over 600 square miles), our mailing address is Edmond, Oklahoma, and that’s where we do the majority of our living. Our business has recently grown to the point where we felt it was worthwhile to invest in a membership with the Edmond Chamber of Commerce to continue to grow local relationships.

The really cool thing is that we’ve already booked some photography work for the Chamber. So, this Friday, we’ll be covering the annual Chamber Awards banquet and ceremonies! With any kind of small business, every little investment needs to pay off somehow and I can see how our Chamber membership may very well be one of those investments we should have made earlier.

If you live in a town large enough to have a Chamber of Commerce, you owe it to yourself and your business to look into a membership!

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