Merry Christmas!

We’re writing this from the busy metropolis of Moore, Oklahoma, tens of miles from home in Edmond. =) We’re chilling on the “South Side” today with Holly’s family who moved here from Edmond a few years ago so her brothers could live at home and go to OU.

Most of you already know that Holly has 5 brothers, none of which are married, so there’s no end to the video gaming and air soft gun battles. =) Good times! It’s a lot of fun, and Christmas here stretches for at least a few days of movies, good food and general merriment. (That is how you spell merriment, isn’t it? I must only use that word once a year.)

We wish you all the very best Christmas ever and hope you are able to spend it with loving family and friends. And despite the commercialization of it all, I hope you’ll keep in mind the true meaning of Christmas — God’ most precious Gift to mankind, His Son, Jesus.

Merry Christmas!!!

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