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Well, we’ve added to our growing family of Canon equipment by buying a super cool new SD800 IS. Straight out of the box, we started taking pictures and video with it to test it out and so far we’re pretty impressed. That’s the introduction to the following pictures. I’m the tech-freak, so I’m playing with the new camera while sitting in the leather club chair in what we call our “post production studio” (slash office) next to Holly who is retouching one of our recent photo sessions. What better subject to take pictures of? =)

Our studio is decorated in an Australian theme as you might be able to tell from the big map of Aussie and the kangaroo skin on the back of the chair. This is where the magic happens. After each and every photo session, we download images, flag the best ones and then retouch the 30 or so that make the final cut for proofing.

Our Aussie-themed post-production studio
Holly being productive with side-by-side Apple cinema displays and a nice Wacom tablet

This little camera is quite impressive! I like the contrasting light temperatures.

I’ve read that most photographers work more to impress other photographers than they do their own customers. That said, we didn’t retouch any of these pictures… They’re all just straight out of the camera. It’s actually really nice to have such an easy camera to snatch up when our little girl does something cute.

That reminds me… Every so often, someone will ask if we give private lessons on photography. After talking it over, we have agreed to try it out next time someone asks. With such high-end consumer cameras on the market, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be able to take really nice pictures, especially if you want to improve.

Thanks for reading!

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