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I think every photographer, every artist, has their sources of inspiration… those they admire and are challenged by. It’s always nice to hear that we can be that for someone or some group. I heard recently that a school in Midwest City uses our site as part of their photography course training. (Hopefully it’s not in the chapter “What not to do” =)

Here are a few of the photographers that we visit on a regular basis when we want to see things from a new perspective, enjoy great photographic images and just relax and take in some really great photography. All of these are really awesome photographers.

Boutwell Studio
The Becker
Six Peeps (Mark Cafiero’s blog… It’s a really enjoyable read. I love his sense of humor.)
Mark Cafiero’s official site

If you have time to check them out, I’m sure you’ll enjoy their work! We have a lot more links, but I figured we’ll start with the best. Hope you’re inspired by their work like I am!

Thanks for reading!

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