Edmond Chamber Sporting Clays Event

When I heard that the Edmond Chamber was interested in photographs of this fundraiser event, I jumped at the chance. The folks at the Chamber are great people to be around anyway, but combine the fun of photography with the thrill of gunpowder and you have a really great experience. =)

“Sporting Clays” was a new experience for me. I’ve shot clays before, but it was always out in the country, in an open field, and with a friend or family member “pulling” clays until their arm got tired and someone else took over. Not the case with sporting clays! The shooter stands in the cage and the clays fly out from different angles and some even roll across the ground out in front of them. What a great challenge! Every shooter gets 50 shots to hit 50 clays. “Mulligans” were available for purchase, giving them a 2nd shot at just 2 clays (2 more shells).

Everybody seemed to have a really good time and I had a great time just watching some of the sharp-shooters. I had to leave before the scores were read, but I saw one guy who never missed while I was watching him.

Check out some of these great shots from the day. I love the ones that show the shooter and the clay off in the distance shattering from the perfect shot. Pretty cool stuff!

Loading up.
Going… going…
I love these shots because in each one you can see the shell being ejected, still in mid-air.

Look for these pictures in the upcoming Edmond Chamber newsletter!

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