Wedding Last Weekend

Last weekend we photographed a great wedding as associate photographer to Rodrick Rhoads at Happily Everlasting (we shoot all weddings together). It was a real Italian Catholic wedding… and what a great time it was! The church was grand right down to the front doors and the reception was a real celebration. Much fun was had by all. You can see about 10 pictures already on Rodrick’s blog here.

It’s hard to sort through who took the pictures after the fact, but I’m sure I took #1 and #3 and possibly #5 and 6, but I can’t remember for certain. Rodrick thought maybe he took those. We’ll both claim the best ones. =)

If you check out Rodrick’s blog, check out his profile picture. He just put up the one I took for him last week. Actually, here it is…

rodrick1 Wedding Last Weekend Weddings
Oh, and how’s this for a cool recent experience? A local TV station called and wants us to quote doing all of their news anchor headshots plus thousands of 8×10 prints for the fair, etc. It was nice to hear them say that they really like our style and quality and if they could afford us, they’d like to use us. They’re looking for someone who would want to trade in kind for TV advertising first, so we’ll have to wait our turn for a crack at the job, since we don’t really need or want that much TV advertising right now. Experiences like this are always a great encouragement to us as we continue strive to improve. Our goal really is to be counted among the best photographers in Oklahoma.

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