Canon vs. Nikon

Well, after trying the newest Nikon Pro equipment (D200) and the newest Canon (5D), we’re shifting entirely to Canon. The next step is to sell all of our new Nikon equipment that we’ve been using the last few months.

It has been an interesting exercise and a most interesting argument (Nikon vs. Canon). There are a lot of similarities to the age-old “PC vs. Mac” argument. I won’t go into all of the details here, but just think about one thing: Regardless of whether you’re a PC or a Mac user (I use both), have you ever heard a Mac user enthusiastically shifting over to PC? Probably not. I’ve never heard of one. But I’ve heard dozens of PC users who have shifted to Mac. The problem is that once they’ve made that shift, PC users tend to discount everything they say because they’re “Mac users.” Do you see what I’m saying?

Same thing goes with Nikon and Canon users. Over the last couple of years I’ve heard a lot of Nikon users moving over to Canon, but not vice versa. When you see that happening consistently, you have to put aside all of your personal preferences and try to see past all of the unobjective prejudices that have built up over time in loyalty to the brand (or whatever it is) that you have used for so long and come to associate yourself with.

And thus begins our wonderful Canon experience. =) Not an inexpensive change, but hopefully a very worthwhile one.

Isn’t that a sweet looking piece of technology? You should try shooting it. Amazing…

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