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Mini-Sessions in September!


It’s on! Mini sessions, the first Saturday of September, just $50! Check your calendar for Sept. 3rd and contact us if you’re interested so we can answer any questions and get you on the calendar. And share with a friend who may be interested so we can get the word out! At the time of this writing, […]

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Grace’s Senior Portraits


Grace’s senior pictures have been checked off of her summer/back-to-school checklist, and they’re so elegant and beautiful. Seniors of 2017, now’s the time to book your senior portraits while you still have your summer tan and before we all put on a few extra pounds over Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, not to mention New Years […]

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Travis and Lauren’s Engagement Portraits


Ahh… new love! It’s so much fun to photograph engagement portraits, and although we’re taking a break from wedding photography at the moment, we love photographing people in love… new love or old. =) We actually photographed Travis’s senior portraits years ago, so when he called to enquire about engagement photography, we were really thrilled […]

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A Quick Photo Summary of our most recent Commercial Projects, for commercial builders


I don’t usually blog the commercial projects I do, but was recently encouraged to do so to promote more work in the commercial areas. With an architect for a grandfather, and both parents being realtors for a time back when I was still in school and living with them, I have an honest love and appreciation for architecture and […]

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Portraits of local artist Renee


Love these head-shots for talented & beautiful local artist Renee Utecht, done at Urban Teahouse Uptown‘s 23rd Street store (the other location of t, an urban teahouse). Renee has a great website – Stylointhecity.rocks – and needed an updated profile photo for her business and other online profiles like LinkedIn, etc. If you or someone you know needs […]

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Nic’s Senior Portraits


I have some more favorites to share! This time from high school senior Nic, a soccer player with a great smile and sweet personality. Even talked her mom into a quick photo at the end of the session, which she was really a great sport for since she was not expecting that. Congrats, Nic! And […]

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Tammy’s New Profile Portrait


It’s always a pleasure helping clients update their profile photos with a portrait that really reflects their beauty. Here’s our head-shot of the day (yeah, that’s not really a thing, I just made that up, so don’t expect one every day =)… the talented and beautiful Tammy. Under and hour from start-to finish, so if […]

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Mary Margaret


What’s the most graceful thing in the world that you can think of? A bubbling brook, maybe? A pure white swan? WRONG! Grace is the most graceful thing in the world. Unfortunately, that’s not the name of our beautiful subject today, so put that out of your mind. Our graceful subject today is a beautiful […]

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The Bass Family


Just a few favorites from one of our new favorite families, the Bass family! Their beautiful daughter is actually wearing her Mom’s outfit from when she was a girl, something we love to do with our own kids, and just melts our hearts every time we get a chance to do it for our clients. […]

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Delbert’s Senior Portraits


Delbert is graduating this spring, and has a promising football career ahead of him. I love his style and confidence, and look forward to seeing him playing college ball before too long, and maybe pro football, too, if all works out as everyone hopes! He’s a talented guy in so many ways, and it was […]

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Mini-sessions all year long?

We have an idea that we want to gauge your interest in… Offering mini-sessions all year long, on maybe the first Saturday of the month, or some regular date like that instead of just in the fall for the holidays. We’d love to hear what you think, if that’s something that you’d be interested in. […]

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McKinsey’s Senior Portraits


Some favorites of McKinsey, one of our first seniors to photograph in 2016! It’s usually really miserable weather outside this time of year, but we’ve been enjoying some unseasonably warm weather for February. Was a perfect day for photographing McKinsey.

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Coffeeshop Portraits #2


Round two of coffeeshop portraits… Just playing with the camera today, and talked Everett into letting me photograph him. He’s a self-professed non-smiler, but quickly melted under the intense pressure of my wit, charm and finely-tuned sense of humor. </sarcasm> I really love this blurry, out-of-focus black-and-white. He was cracking up, and moving too quickly […]

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Coffeeshop Portraits #1


So, this afternoon, I really felt like playing with the camera a little bit, and doing something a little out of the box for me. =)  This beautiful lady was sitting at a table by herself studying, and I just liked her look and wanted to photograph her. After overcoming my internal inhibitions, I told her […]

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The Kavanaugh Family


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Fitness Photos, Head Shots


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OKCPAL Charity Fight Night


For the second year running, we’ve been honored to be a part of the charity fight night, benefitting the non-profit OKCPAL organization. The “real deal” Evander Holyfield was here in OKC to help host the 550+ gentlemen who enjoyed a nostalgic and manly evening of cigars, adult beverages, officially-sanctioned boxing and MMA fights, and all […]

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OKCPAL Charity Fight Night VIP Reception


Here are a few favorite photos from the VIP reception the evening before the big charity fight night at the Bricktown Chevrolet events center. The reception was held at the beautiful Colcord hotel downtown, in the Terrace room on the 2nd floor, and it was an intimate chance for the VIPs to visit with Mr. […]

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What to consider when seeking a wedding photographer

There’s a lot to consider when deciding on a wedding photographer, and as overdue as this is, I’m just now finally getting around to penning these thoughts, as they may prove helpful to some of you who are making big wedding decisions. Feel free to share this with friends who are making plans. It’s not entirely specific to weddings, either, as any commercial or portrait photographer would benefit from these things as well.

So, what are some of the most important considerations when selecting a professional photographer?…

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


It’s Christmas week… Seems like Christmas arrived early this year, with decorations and “holiday” sales starting even before Halloween! I found myself resisting the jump-start on Christmas intently, and before I knew it Christmas had snuck up on me and I wasn’t in the Christmas spirit yet. Holly’s brothers from California are here now, and […]

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